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Vitamin Injections - Why?

"Why would I have a Vitamin Injection?"

"I can buy oral supplements why would I have an injection instead?"

These are just a couple of many questions that get asked from clients regarding Vitamin Injections.

Oral supplements have been used for years as way to top up essential vitamins that are needed to support the body.

There are many factors that can affect the absorption of oral vitamins such as medication, health conditions, diet and even age. When our body is not absorbing the adequate amount of vitamins it needs these can cause side effects which can be mild but can also be severe and life threatening.

When vitamins are administered via Injection this allows the digestive process to be avoided which is where a lot of oral vitamin content can get lost and not absorbed into the body. Vitamin Injections give your clients the best uptake of the vitamin possible for ultimate results.

Unlike oral supplements which need to be taken daily an injection can be administered anywhere between weekly and monthly depending on the individual treatment plan.

Vitamin Injections are not being administered as a medical treatment however they are given to boost health and wellness.

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