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Madero Wood Therapy Training

All training courses are accredited and insurance.  Pre-requisistes have been added to all courses but do contact us to discuss your qualifications; we highly recommend contacting an insurance provider prior to booking to confirm you can gain cover.

bTraind Beauty & Aesthetic Training Courses Hertfordshire
Lymphatic Massage Training Course
Lymphatic Massage Training Course
Lymphatic Massage Training Course
Lymphatic Massage Training Course

Madero Wood Therapy Massage Training 1 Day £350

Pre Requisites - Body massage desirable 

Maderotherapy (wood therapy) is a holistic massage technique that uses anatomically designed wooden tools to improve the body's size and proportions while improving overall health. These instruments allow highly targeted pressure to be applied to problem areas (such as thighs, buttocks, love handles and abdomen).

The biggest advantage of madero therapy is exactly these wooden elements, which are specially made to reach deep into a muscle system and subcutaneous layers of the skin, making them excellent for reducing cellulite, wrinkles, and stress.

Applying these elements to muscles, fat deposits and cellulite, the body’s lymphatic system is stimulated, through which accumulated toxins are removed. This purging of toxins stimulates the metabolism to burn fat. Also, the pockets of persistent cellulite are broken up, the swelling on the skin is reduced, which enables the elimination of the so-called “orange peel” effect.

Wood Therapy is particularly helpful at breaking down cellulite and fat deposits in preparation for other sculpting treatments but is also beneficial as a stand-alone treatment.

You will be learning the techniques to naturally shape the body whilst removing cellulite with increased results for your clients.

At bTraind we pride ourselves on our high standard of education, you will be taught by a highly skilled and experienced industry professional to ensure you receive the best training.

You will also develop your understanding of the anatomy of the human body within this training course to equip you in becoming a safe and professional practitioner.  

Course Contents:

  • Health & Safety

  • Body Anatomy - Lymphatic & Circulatory Systems

  • Adipocytes and Cellulite

  • History and Benefits

  • Equipment - Application & Maintenance 

  • Contraindications

  • Treatment Indications

  • Different Madero Tools and Uses

  • Massage Techniques

  • Treatment Preparation

  • Treatment Techniques

  • Aftercare

  • Side Effects & Complications

  • Contra Indications

  • Madero Wood Therapy Massage business

This course will cover in depth theory and will provide you with practical training covering the whole body.

You will observed and mentored throughout the training to ensure you are confident to work on your own.

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